​​​​Professional Asbestos Removal

For several decades Asbestos has been a commonly used product in both residential and commercial buildings across Alberta. Asbestos is extremely hazardous to handle during renovations, construction or demolition. When it gets old and begins to break apart, the fibre gets in the air and is circulated throughout your home. This creates a high risk for lung cancer and other health problems. Removing the Asbestos in you home or business needs to be performed by a licensed, experienced company. This why both home and business owners depend on Vector1 for all their asbestos needs. Our professionals can safely conduct our Asbestos Removal services from any type of property.

Complete Removal Service

We offer comprehensive service that includes all phases of Asbestos treatment. If you suspect that there may be old or damaged asbestos in your property then simply give us a call. With one on-site visit we can assess where the Asbestos is, how much there is, and what condition it’s in. We inspect your entire property from the walls and flooring to the roof and attic area to everywhere else. Once the Asbestos is identified we will come and safely remove it. Our entire team of technicians is highly trained to remove all Asbestos in a manner that doesn’t endanger our employees or our clients. When the job is done, all the Asbestos is removed and a healthy environment is restored to your residential or commercial property.

Commercial Asbestos Treatment

We are fully licensed and certified to remove Asbestos from properties that range from residential to commercial spaces, small businesses to large office buildings and warehouses. If there is Asbestos that is damaged or in poor condition we’ll find it and exterminate it from your entire envelope. As business owners, we understand that it’s important to create a safe environment for the public. Our service is fast, dependable, and affordable. When you want it done right the first time, then contact Vector1. We are the Alberta Asbestos Removal specialists!

An Asbestos Company You Can Depend On

At Vector1, we take our work very seriously. We understand the dangers and hazards involved in Asbestos Removal. So we work hard to create a safe environment for both our employees and our clients. Each of our technicians are insured, licensed, and highly trained in all Asbestos work. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of customer service by using state of the art equipment and all modern methods for removing Asbestos. Our  Asbestos Removal team guarantees that 100% of the Asbestos will be removed from your home or office and that your property is healthy and safe. Contact us today and let us help you!

Here is a list of Asbestos Containing Materials we remove:

  Floor Tile & Mastic

  Popcorn Texture


 Transite Pipes 

  Window Caulking

  Linoleum Duct Tape

  Flue Pipe

  Cove Base Mastic

  Mirror Mastic

  Transite Panels

  Transite Siding